School Song

We sing to Hadley which shows the way, to share and to learn everyday.  Our loyalty and love will always shine, through our hearts and our minds.

Our respect and faithfulness will always be there, to make us aware of our learning years.  Regrets will be none cause a feeling of one, the students of Hadley all share.

Now comes the time to hail Hadley on, out memories will always be fond.  We honor you Hadley, we'll stand by your side, our teacher of knowledge and pride!

School Colors

Green, White and Yellow



School Mascot

The Knights of Knowledge

School Motto



School Seal



Comer Philosophy 

Charles R. Hadley has been a Comer school since 1995.  The School Development Program (SDP) is the organization charged with implementing the Comer Process in school communities. The Comer Process, a school and system-wide intervention formulated by Dr. James P. Comer, a Maurice Falk Professor of Child Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine's Child Study Center, aims to bridge child psychiatry and education.  

Comer Process